Social Media – Do Yourself a Favor and Hire an Expert

There have been articles written, rather ad nauseam, about the topic of social media.  “How to develop a social media strategy.”…”What to avoid when developing a social media strategy.” The list goes on…and on..and on.

But in the words of double rainbow guy: “What does this mean?!” …

…..It probably means your company needs a little help.

I recently read an article about how companies should avoid outsourcing social media efforts. Although this article discusses outsourcing in terms of strictly customer service, it made me ask the outsource question on a bigger level. “Should Social Media strategy be outsourced?”.  In my opinion, at this relatively early stage  in social media, most companies would be remiss not to do so.

We can all recall numerous social media fails over the past two years (if not, go here), from brands either taking a “me too” approach, or being innovative to a point where the message and purpose of the campaign is lost.

Hiring a consultancy or agency that has a successful track record with social media may help prevent your company from being on a future “fail” list.   Yes, there may be some upfront cost involved and social media success will never be a guarantee; however –

Too many companies are underestimating the power of a bad social media campaign.

Unlike traditional advertising, social media is extremely cheap, and because of that, some companies are seeing it as a playground in which they can test their wildest ideas, not realizing the potential negative consequences.

In other words, don’t let the frugality of social media overshadow the fact that it’s still a form of marketing your brand.  And people will remember a bad marketing campaign – they could care less how much or little it cost you.

If social media weren’t cheap, would you still feel comfortable going at it alone?

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