Stay Classy, San Diego

Stay classy awards

I just got back from the Stay Classy awards, and I must say, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished very little with my life.

Stay classy san diego

For those of you who don’t know, the Stay Classy awards is an awards ceremony honoring achievements in philanthropy – named after the famous quote from “Anchorman”.  It’s amazing how many selfless people there are in the world.

It made me wonder why I don’t volunteer.  God knows I have the time…definitely not the money,  but at least the time. My generation is the epitome of volunteering and I have no excuse  as to why I don’t.

  • What makes someone travel to a third world country to see that depth of poverty firsthand?
  • Why do some people feel so compelled to help a cause which they have no personal stake in?
  • Am I just a selfish person?

Then it dawns on me……

You have to become a part of something that truly moves you.  Find your “aha” moment and run with it.  Unfortunately, I have not found that moment, and it’s left me completely uninspired.  But then I realize that moment can’t be forced.  Just like falling in love…it just happens.  When you’re inspired, nothing can stop you.

In the end, I can only hope that my life will impact as many people as those phenomenal volunteers that I met tonight.

I feel inspired…

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