The Six Books

I always wondered why some people were drawn to books. As a kid, I loved reading and then I lost the allure. I blame life. Now, I have a Barnes and Noble membership…

Here are the most thought-provoking books I’ve read over the last year, in order. I say “in order” because some of the latter should be prefaced by the former.

1. The Intellectual Devotional

This book re-imparts the knowledge that we learned as kids but weren’t quite ready for. There are 365 lessons ranging from arts to science to philosophy, meant to be read once a day. I’m currently on page 237. I often find myself rabbit holing after learning about a topic.

2. The Alchemist

This gets into woo light territory. I can’t do this one justice by even trying to explain.

3. Power Up Your Brain – The Neuroscience to Enlightenment

I’ve found that many books have hidden messages in plain sight. This is one. I find myself reading and re-reading it on a regular basis. It’s where science and woo beautifully meet.

4. Games People Play

I love sociology and this book is a master class in navigating the game of life. Funny enough, I was drawn to this book as a teenager, and the concepts were lost on me at the time.

5. When God Was a Woman

I have many theories about why we’re here and our purpose in life and this book was reaffirming.

6. The Kybalion

It’s last because I would have not been prepared for this book a year ago. Many of us look to books to provide answers, but this one gives you keys to figure out the truth on your own. It lays out the hermetic principles and it’s shrouded in mystery since it was written by anonymous initiates. This is another one that I re-read regularly and find myself needing to pause and reflect.

There are other books in my arsenal that I find interesting so if you want to learn more, message me!

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