Life’s Pendulum

Reading the Kybalion was a game changer for me. I re-read chapters regularly and derive a more profound insight each time. One of the principles, the law of rhythm, has been on my mind lately.

In short, it states that life is a pendulum, swinging back and forth. Those who are closer to the bottom of the pendulum feel the motion more closely, those at the top are barely swayed. And by top and bottom, they don’t mean rich or poor, but those who are easily influenced (bottom) and those who are not (top).

Because I started my college education as a fashion merchandising major, I’ll break down my interpretation of this principle in terms of fashion.

Kids, teenagers and some adults are always chasing after the newest fashion trends. Skinny jeans out, baggy pants in? Check. Side part out, middle part in? Done. The Kardashians are wearing biker shorts? I need a pair or two. The bottom of the pendulum is a constant chase – whether it’s politics, business, or fashion. In my opinion, drama, both personal and societal, lives at the bottom of the pendulum.

What’s at the top of the pendulum? Going back to fashion, I always know that wrap dresses fit my body type, so regardless of if they’re “in” or “out”, I will never have less than a dozen in my closet. I work in digital marketing and, for the most part, abhor the question “what’s best practice here?” (That’s chasing trends). And you know what? That gives me peace.

Am I at the top of the pendulum? Probably not. But I’m starting to slow down the rhythm.

I’ll end with a quote by fashion photographer Slim Aarons that feels appropriate for this post:

“I don’t do fashion. I take photos of people in their own clothes and that becomes fashion.”

Do you do fashion or make it?

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