The Beginning of Your Youniverse

The universe as we/you know it, started as a Big Bang. Sometimes understanding of the “you”niverse also starts similarly. I went through a period where I started questioning everything I’ve ever known. I watched the Truman Show laughing insanely the whole time because it felt too real. This was after I posted how the Truman show isn’t real…

Somehow, I had a Big Bang. My purpose, with a “big P,”, became clear. Depending on your beliefs, you may say I had a spiritual awakening, an epiphany, my dna was activated, I found Jesus, whatever, but it happened quickly.

The piece de resistance: I am the main character in my own story. I may be a villain in yours, a heroine in theirs, a coquette in his or a jezebel in hers. The only storyline I can control is mine. The only storyline you can control is yours. You’re the supporting cast to some, but more likely an extra to most.

I hope that gives you peace. You are in control of your own destiny, and thus, your own Youniverse.

Keep swimming!

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