Digital Marketing – The Basics

Digital Marketing
When I told my friends I was offered a Digital Marketing internship, most were unaware of what Digital Marketing is. Not that Wikipedia should be seen as the end all and be all,  but it’s a good starting point – Wikipedia defines Digital Marketing as:

“The promoting of brands using the internet, mobile, and other interactive channels.”

To take that one step further, it’s Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Website Analytics, and so much more.  And Social Media is the new force in Digital Marketing…in fact, it’s changing and enhancing both digital and traditional marketing in leaps and bounds.  There’s no longer a need to invest thousands of dollars in list purchases, when customers and potentials customers are so openly sharing their interests, likes and dislikes.  Even the mom and pop shops can see customer behaviors with a location based tool, such as FourSquare.

I’m sure I’ll talk much more about Social Media specifically in future posts…being one of the original Facebook users (I started using it when it was only for colleges back in ’04), I have a soft spot for the subject.

Digital Marketers are part marketer/part programmer.   They must understand the marketing discipline as a whole, but need to be a bit more analytic.  Understanding HTML, being able to turn data into insights, and keeping abreast of the newest technology, are key to be a successful Digital Marketer.

Let’s see if I have what it takes.

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