Marketing = Heart

As many of my recent stories start, it’s with an anecdote. One of the parents of my daughter’s friend said, “Marketing is the heart of a company. They’re the representative of all that the company is trying to be to the outside world.”

A. That’s deep.

B. Why didn’t I talk to her sooner?

It’s true. CEO is the vision. COO is (are?) the guardrails. CTO is the engineer. CMO takes all of the above and disseminates a cohesive message.

That’s why I love digital marketing. It’s the intersection of science and empathy…such a beautiful, and difficult spot. On one hand, we have to deeply understand how the infrastructure works; on the other, we have to know how people work – it’s a rare talent and it makes me happy to be in my field.

If you’ve read my control the chaos post, you may get it. The Cliffs Notes or tl;dr version, is that motherhood made me a softie. The Ashley of 5, 4 or even 3 years ago isn’t the Ashley today. I’ve made mistakes as a mother and person, but mistakes fade…empathy and understanding does not. It’s okay to rebrand: take what you’ve learned and do better – be real. I’ve found that people appreciate that more than presenting a representative that is clearly not you. That’s it. The secret to life handed to you for free. 😉

And, always wear sunscreen.

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