The Truman Show

Another movie that I enjoy watching is The Truman Show. I know many people who enjoy it, and I think it speaks to our ego. We all have one. Thinking that everyone is watching you, and you’re obliviously unaware, is both thrilling and terrifying.

There’s beauty in watching Truman begin to suspect that people are watching. His objective truth changed. The objective fact that we all have both private and public lives was shattered and we watched him discover that. It’s a little meta.

I asked my husband today if I’m on an Ashley version of the Truman Show. I see so many connections which don’t feel like coincidences. It’s like the world is a set. I’ve always felt that way, and even more so lately. He laughed and said “I don’t know”, which made me wonder if we were both on a Truman-esque show. 😳

In a previous post, I discussed how we teach people how to treat us. I think that leads us to believe we’re in our own version of the Truman Show. When people are constantly reminding you of the time of an event, you may think “wow, it’s like they know me and they know I had another event before.” Nah, they just know you’re always late. When I tell people, “oh my god, it’s like we’re the same person!”, many times they’ve learned to present their Ashley-like part of themselves to me. Some people I truly bond with, but I’ve built mental models of who I see myself in and who’s marketing to me.

Good marketers listen to you and craft their message to make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. Make you feel like you’re the Truman. In your personal life, all of the data you have on those in your lives allows you to be an amazing marketer to the ones you love and the ones you want to love you.

If the influencer you follow loves Thai food, you’re marketing to them when you share a great Thai place. If your loved one always reminds you on Sunday morning that you need to check your schedule for the week, they’ve watched you get frazzled on Monday mornings trying to prep for the week….that’s marketing. They’re giving the right message at the right time to the right person.

Funnily, when my daughter hears my Chime meeting notification, she’ll stop what she’s saying, tell me “I’ll talk to you after your phone call” and leave the room. She’s my little marketer…because I taught her how to treat me.

So, my apologies for breaking this to you, but you’re not special and no one is documenting your life without your consent. You just have great marketers around you.

Or I’m in the Ashley show and you’re all watching me write this post.

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