I’ve been fascinated by astronomy lately.

I’ve also realized how little I remember about the solar system and outer space. My 5-year-old is teaching me a lot, since she’s learning about space. She reminded me that Pluto is no longer a planet. I have my thoughts around there not being PSAs when important objective truths change…

I digress.

With my newfound interest in astronomy, I’ve been reading beginner-level articles about space. This morning, I googled “what is gravity?” And I’m not embarrassed to share that.

I know gravity keeps us planted to the ground, I know it’s the reason the moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun. But what is it, really?

I see this happening a lot in the workplace. Someone scared to ask a question because they think they’ll be seen as unintelligent if they ask an “obvious” question. But typically, the most intelligent and respected people in the room are the ones who asks the “obvious” question and level sets the conversation for the entire group.

People start to engage, they perk up, they relax, they ask questions. Simply because someone was confident enough to play (or be?) dumb for a moment. The thing is, it’s not unintelligence which led them to ask the question, it’s their desire to validate their understanding, or achieve a deeper understanding, of the topic. These people have gravity. Other gravitate to them and want to hear their opinions. There’s a word for it: gravitas.

I know that I can tell you that I googled gravity, and hopefully you know me well enough to know that I’m not unintelligent. Hopefully, you know me well enough, through my writing, to know that I was looking for a deeper understanding. Hopefully, I’m developing my own gravity and am pulling like-minded people towards me.

And hopefully, you’ll find how gravity works as interesting as I did.

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