Super Secret Find: Free Google AdWords Consultations…from Google!

I’ve talked about Google AdWords many times before…everything from the basics of how PPC campaigns work to how not to be spammy when using them on your blog. In reality, of all my digital marketing expertise, AdWords is probably the one I’ve had the least experience with. I know the ins and outs in theory, but have had only a few opportunities in practice.

I’m starting to get back into it, so I wanted to make sure I was optimizing campaigns to the fullest, and using all the features available. After all, the last time I used AdWords was 2 years ago…and the internet changes at lighting fast speed.

Enter Naeemah, my knight (princess) in shining armor.

I logged into my AdWords account, hoping to contact someone to get access to a beta feature and saw this message:

Free Google AdWords Consultation

So now I had direct access to someone at Google! I clicked “Learn More” provided some basic contact info, and the Google Consultant, Naeemah, got back to me via email pretty quickly to set up a phone consultation.

I really didn’t think I needed a full consultation, I just wanted the beta feature. Boy, was I wrong.

Free of charge, Naeemah walked through my campaigns step-by-step and pointed out things that I never even considered. On the display network, did you know you have the ability to opt out of your ads displaying on certain categories of sites? Like anything related to death, porn or any other types of sites your don’t want your brand associated with.

She was such a helpful resource, that I’ve begun to use Naeemah as a sounding board for campaign ideas, and she always has a way to provide ideas to make them that much better.

I Googled “free adwords consultation” to see if there’s any info online about this program and came up short. I don’t know if the consultation is available for every account, and I’m not sure how long it will be free, but I recommend any digital marketer take advantage of this free resource if you can. AdWords consultants typically cost a lot of money and I’m sure this won’t last for long.

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