Want to Learn More About Digital Marketing? Submit a Blog Post Idea

Dear readers:

I’m sad to say, that today, I’ve realized that my digital marketing eyes are no longer fresh.

Baby with Computer
My very first “logo”

I’ve dedicated my blog to my career transition and my journey from Ohio to San Diego, and some of you have traveled with me, from me being a lowly intern to my most current job as a Digital Marketing Manager at a tech company.

I’m starting to realize that my “fresh point of view” is being clouded by the curse of knowledge.

Why? Because someone I know asked me the difference between categories and tags in a blog, and I thought “duh” doesn’t everyone know that!

No, everyone doesn’t.  Wake-up call.

I’ll continue to blog about my career, digital marketing fails and successes, but, I encourage you to tell me what you want to hear from me!  The great thing about having amassed this experience over the past few years, is that I can share what I’ve learned.

So tell me…what do you want to hear more about?  Leave a message in the comments below or if you want to stay anonymous, fill out the form below.

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