Digital Kudos: The Which Wich Brier Creek Email

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I recently discovered a sandwich shop called Which Wich. Their sandwiches are freakin’ delicious, so being the frugal lady I’ve become, I subscribed to their email list to receive coupons.

This morning, I received an email with the subject “Celebrate Our Birthday with $3 Wiches.”

Oh yeah, a $3 sandwich!!

But, this was the body:

Which Wich Brier Creek Email

Brier Creek, where the heck is Brier Creek? Even though I’m relatively new to San Diego, it sure didn’t sound like a place I’ve heard of before. I chalked it up to a segmentation error, and just went on with my morning, slightly annoyed that my frugal lunch plans had vanished.

About an hour later, I see another email from Which Wich with the subject “Oops”. Now, I’ve seen a lot of “oops” email from companies, but I thought theirs was brilliant:

Which Wich Brier Creek 2nd Email
The caption says “We realize it’s a long way to go for a $3 wich, but this offer is only valid at Brier Creek.” Brilliant!

Working in digital marketing is hard: by pushing one “send”, “tweet”, or “post” button you’ve put your company out there to be criticized. Any mistake, whether a typo or a mistargeted email will be thrown in your face immediately. And when that happens, all companies react differently — some try to delete it, others ignore the mistake and hope their customers will too, and yet others make a mountain out of a molehill.

But, what I loved about Which Wich’s email is that they not only acknowledged the mistake, they reacted quickly, made a joke about it, and stuck to their guns. “Yes, we made a mistake, but no, you’re not getting a $3 sandwich because of it.”

Kudos, Which Wich marketing team. You’ve taught us all a valuable lesson in email marketing, and I now know where Brier Creek, South Carolina is.

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