Digital Marketing Girl: Year 2?

First of all, I must apologize for my lack of blog posts lately.  I got a fantastic new job working at Sony Electronics on the social media team — so my life is social media all day everyday. Because of that, I think I’ve scaled back my personal social media networking to avoid getting social media-ed out.

But, I miss blogging.  Not only am I able to teach others, researching for my post makes me a better digital marketer.  There are times I begin a blog post completely convinced that I know the best way to do something, or that may big idea is the most creative idea ever conceived…and then when I begin researching, my opinion changes, or I find that someone else had that big creative great new idea before.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that I continue building my personal social media brand, so that I can help contribute to the amazing corporate brand that I’ve been so lucky to join.  Today begins Digital Marketing Girl: Year 2, as this was the time last year that I began blogging.

To kick-off year two, I read my past articles and I few a couple of things that I have changed my mind about over the year, and thought I’d share:

  • According to my article Social Media – Do Yourself a Favor and Hire An Expert. I told you that smart companies should hire an agency to run their social media campaign.  I was wrong.  No one knows your business like you.  No one knows your customers like you.  No one knows the nuances of your company culture like you.  On the other hand, sometimes budget, lack of experienced social media job candidates, or lack of budget can keep a company from hiring internally.  You need to determine what’s right for your company.
  • I proclaimed my hate for team followback on Twitter in my article, What’s Your Twitter Stock Price?  Okay, I don’t love team followback now, and I still don’t think you should always follow someone just because they follow you.  However, the other day, I was checking out must have for any social media geeks toolbox), and noticed there were 100+ people who I followed that weren’t following me back.

Some of them I understand, typically those with authorized accounts that follow very few people, but others, I didn’t understand.I followed those people, who are typically within the field of digital marketing, basically saying “I value what you have to say and I hope you value what I have to say”, but apparently they don’t feel the same way.  At first I was okay with that, but in a world where the same article is retweeted by everyone in the industry, I can do without the people who just see me as a follow.

These are only two of many things that I’ve learned over the past year, but there are plenty more to come. Keep on the lookout for my upcoming blog posts,  as not only will I be teaching more tricks and tips and sharing my opinions on social media fails, but I hope to give you a more personal and honest look at who I really am.

Since now, it’s year two, I’m wondering if I should change the photo of the baby…..

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